Anaseena Update #5

I apologize for the long silence. A lot of things have happened and my life suddenly became rather topsy-turvy. Partly as a result of that topsy-turviness, I have been going through what I like to call a mid-book crisis. I decided that my book was not going where I wanted it to go and not doing what I wanted it to do and not saying what I wanted it to say. There was little to no depth of plot and little to no depth of character. So I am currently deciding if I need to scrap the book entirely and start over, re-write what I have, or finish the book and then re-write it based on my alpha reader’s suggestions. Since they are as much a part of the writing process as I am, I chose to ask my alpha readers what they think I should do, and I am still waiting to hear a response from most of them. Until then, I will probably hold off on writing for the moment, though I will do my best to continue posting here. I am considering writing a fun little short story in the meantime while I wait for decisions to be made, but we shall see. I am returning to college next semester, so my overflow of time will soon be cut short and I won’t have as many chances for writing. But never fear! Writing is like breathing for me: it’s necessary for my survival. So I will continue to write, not matter how little time I have to do it.


Anaseena Update #4

To my thousands of dedicated readers! I- *whisper whisper whisper* What? I don’t have thousands of dedicated readers? Oh. To my hundreds of dedi- *whisper whisper whisper* What’s that? I don’t have hundreds, either?… Oh. To my tens of- *whisper whisper whisper* What?! Not even tens?! Well how many do I have then? *whisper whisper* None? You serious? Why?! *whisper whisper whisper* Because I haven’t been posting?! *sobs* I’m soooorrrryyyyyyyyyy!!!! I’ll try to post more often from now on, I promise! Summer’s been brutal, man! All these people keep wanting to hang out! As soon as they all go back to school, I can get back into my normal routine. Continue reading

Programs, Websites, and Books I Use For Writing


Campaign Cartographer 3+: A program that allows you to create maps even if you have zero drawing talent. My favorite part is that it has a distance tool that allows you to measure the distance between two points on the map (you can adjust the measurement to miles, kilometers, inches, or even make up your own). The downside is if you’re used the typical methods for tools like clicking and dragging, it’s gonna be counter-intuitive. All tools use right-click or left-click. There is no click and drag, no double click, absolutely nothing else. Occasionally you may enter a word or number, but otherwise that’s it. So you pretty much can’t just get it and roll with it- you HAVE to go through the tutorial and manual on how to use it. Once you get used to it though, it’s a pretty simple concept.

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Name: Syandine Fae
Favorite Quote: “Seems to me like humans are just a bunch of scaredy cats.”
Story Behind the Character: Sy is a fairy who follows Asatira on her adventures. It seems that she came to help out, but is mostly a nuisance. With all the complaining she does, it’s a wonder why she doesn’t just leave Asatira and return home….
Book He/She is From: Anaseena – Book 1 Continue reading