Anaseena Update #2

Everyone is out of school for the Summer. Though I was not in school myself, I know this because my friends have all suddenly been contacting me much more frequently lately. Not that I mind listening to their lovely voices or seeing their witty texts about their everyday life since we last spoke, but I find that when it happens so frequently, one becomes troubled to find the time to write on a regular basis. Throw a cat in the mix who is sleeping more during the day because of the heat and thus wakes one up at five o’clock in the morning, while one has been staying up later due to the sun setting later, it makes a pretty mess of tiredness and an unwilling disposition to do anything. And to put the cherry on top, so to speak, one must remember an old anime one used to love watching and find it so tempting to simply watch it all day and ignore the duties one has put upon oneself. Continue reading

Typical Fantasy Species/Races and Classes

I’ve gone through several lists online to make up this list of species/races and classes. I noticed that a lot of them had some species and classes that I wasn’t familiar with. I preferred to have a list of commonly used or easily recognizable species and classes so I don’t have to read a gazillion explanations and then choose a species or class I’m already familiar with anyway (of course, this list may not apply that way to some people who are familiar with different ones than I am). Continue reading


Name: Asatira Minh
Favorite Quote: “Eald is a scary forest with ghosts and evil monsters and creatures that’ll eat you alive…. Or so they say.”
Story Behind the Character: Asatira is the librarian of Brecavelat village. She goes on adventures to find old books to add to her library. She is skilled in a certain magic (which I won’t say, lest it be spoiled), and has quick reflexes and a determined step.
Book He/She is From: Anaseena (series) – Title to be determined (book)

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Anaseena Update #1

Summer is in the air (I say as the sun hides behind a cover of clouds… but it was sunny yesterday, I promise). Somehow, during the Summertime, I tend to become more productive. I wonder if it’s a habit I formed because I was able to do whatever I wanted when I no longer had school to worry about (I recently decided that I’m just horrible at multitasking). Who knows. Anyway, being more productive, I’ve come up with a plan to write one item on my timeline (which is how I plot things) a day. Of course, some items will be much longer and I’ll have to do them over two days, and I may add some extra things in-between the necessary plot items, and I’ll probably take one or two days off a week, but I’ll still be writing a lot more than I have been, and will be more likely to reach my goal of finishing the first draft by the end of 2017. So far, I am polishing up chapter 9 to send in to my wonderful beta readers, and I’m almost done writing chapter 10.

I can’t wait for the day when I finish and have it published and can see all my lovely friends throwing money at me to buy it enjoying it.